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  • Send you 5 tips: Make your stage more exciting

    The art design of a stage is inseparable from the blessing of lights.The light is the "window of the stage".Playing the lights is extremely important for the performance of the stage environ..........

  • Self-cultivation of a lighting engineer

    The lighting engineer, one of the creators of television images, is also known as the "lighting engineer." The lighting engineer uses a variety of professional lighting to create a variety o..........

  • Outdoor performance "rain god"? YR-IP350 is fearless!

    Referring to the "big black cow", I think of the artist Li Chen of the variety show "Running"?Because it shows strong and powerful in the show, it is named ","This became his person's design..........

  • Wedding, field, kindergarten... can use TA!

    Of course, good things should be brought out and shared with everyone!Today we talk about the versatile LED mini lithium battery par light!The battery lamp has four light sources: 3W three-i..........

  • Regarding "light", today I will say three things~

    一、Color temperature of light1. The color temperature is for white light.2. White light can be divided into three categories, namely warm white light, white light, and cool white light.3. War..........

  • Keep moving forward in the exchange!

    Yang Longfu, General Manager of Yellow River LightingBring company technology elites, business elites,Go to the Guangzhou TV studio to visit.Exchange design ideas for the stage lighting of t..........