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  • The first lighting console training class starts!

    On the morning of July 3,The first training course for the console training of the Jiangxi Performing Arts Equipment CommitteeThe opening ceremony was held in the Yellow River Lighting Train..........

  • 2017 Yellow River Lighting Fire Exercise

    Winter is coming, the temperature is plummeting and the air is drier. In order to implement the fire prevention policy of “prevention first, anti-disintegration”, Huanghe Lighting organizes ..........

  • The popularity of fire knowledge!

    1. What are the main fire service facilities and equipment used and used?The fire-fighting facility evacuation system consists of emergency lights and safety evacuation lights; all power sou..........

  • Three categories of regular stage lights

    Conventional stage lights can be divided into three main categories: floodlights, spotlights and effect lights.  一、Floodlights (astigmatism or flat light)  The construction of the floodlight..........

  • How is the stage lighting of the theater configured?

    There are various stages in the theater stage, there are ordinary frame-style stage, there are extended stage, there is an island stage, and there is also a stage called black box. Because t..........