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  • Send you 5 tips: Make your stage more exciting

    The art design of a stage is inseparable from the blessing of lights.The light is the "window of the stage".Playing the lights is extremely important for the performance of the stage environ..........

  • Self-cultivation of a lighting engineer

    The lighting engineer, one of the creators of television images, is also known as the "lighting engineer." The lighting engineer uses a variety of professional lighting to create a variety o..........

  • Regarding "light", today I will say three things~

    一、Color temperature of light1. The color temperature is for white light.2. White light can be divided into three categories, namely warm white light, white light, and cool white light.3. War..........

  • Three categories of regular stage lights

    Conventional stage lights can be divided into three main categories: floodlights, spotlights and effect lights.  一、Floodlights (astigmatism or flat light)  The construction of the floodlight..........

  • How is the stage lighting of the theater configured?

    There are various stages in the theater stage, there are ordinary frame-style stage, there are extended stage, there is an island stage, and there is also a stage called black box. Because t..........